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The monumental "city of miners" in the foothills of the Kuznetsk Alatau.

Dmitry Medvedev
„A rigorous, reliable city with a male Siberian character. It is just what it is supposed to be because it is a center of entire Siberian coal mining, a real city of miners. But at the same time, the city has many interesting attractions, monumental Soviet architecture, and objects of culture.“
„Outside the city, a tourist will find a real, colorful Siberian nature, clean air, and the ancient mysterious locations.“


Sights of Kemerovo region

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Znamensky Cathedral

Znamensky Cathedral is the main Orthodox Church in the city of Kemerovo, and is undoubtedly one of the attractions of Kemerovo, the real jewel of the city. The territory of the cathedral is a complex of buildings of ecclesiastical destination. Apart of cathedral directly, here are the administrative offices of Kemerovo diocesan administration, hotel "Pilgrim" baptismal house, and church shop. The complex was built from the beginning of the 1990s of the last century (before this here was a clothing market). The name of the street has changed after the erection of the cathedral where it is located: a former Timiryazev Street became Sobornaya Street.

Znamensky cathedral was built of red brick in a traditional style of Russian church architecture. Inside the church there are two temples: upper and lower. In the upper temple are held great divine services on holidays and other important events. In the interior of the church there is iconostasis, the walls are decorated with frescoes. In the lower temple are usually held the daily divine services.

At the Cathedral is functioning children's Sunday school; since 2015 began to work "pastoral courses"; on Sundays after worship in the auditorium of the diocesan administration are held talks for adults on a variety of relevant topics.

Getting here

Cathedral is located in the central district of the city, not far from the circus. Nearby there is a parking area.
Address: 24 Sobornaya Street, Kemerovo
Phone: (3842) 35-71-51
How to get up of the Cathedral:
If you ride on public transport, you have to focus on bus stop "Circus" on Lenina avenue. There goes a lot of public transport. Then walk 500 meters along the Sobornaya Street.


Kemerovo regional Museum of local lore

Kemerovo Regional Museum of local lore is the leading and the oldest museum in the region. It was opened in 1929 as a center of science-research of local history work. The museum accumulates information about the nature and history of the region. It is a kind of calling card of the Kemerovo region.

It so happened that at the moment the Kemerovo Regional Museum of local lore is not located in the same building, but in three. However, they are located close to each other in the center of the city, so visiting them all will not cause a big inconvenience. Two departments: of nature and history, are located on both sides from the dramatic theater. Department of Military History is located on the Pritomsky embankment.

Funds of the museum have about 100 thousand units. Presented collections are: Numismatic, paleontological, ethnographic, archaeological, phaleristics, of rare books and documentary fund. Local History Museum is open to visitors every day except Monday from 10.00 to 19.00. Amateur photography and video recording is permitted only with special tickets. Not far from the museum there are hotels "Kuzbass" and "Tom", near the Museum of Fine Arts, Opera Theatre and the main administrative bodies.

Getting here

To get to the museum is not difficult, because it is located in the heart of the city. Bus Stop "Drama".
51, 55 Sovetsky avenue, 1-A Pritomskaya embankment, Kemerovo
Phone: (3842) 36-41-15; 75-22-45; 36-86-09


Kemerovo regional Museum of fine arts

Kemerovo Regional Museum of Fine Arts is one of the oldest and most authoritative museums in Kemerovo. It was opened in 1969 as the Regional Art Gallery. The Museum is located in the historic center of the city close to other attractions: Kemerovo Regional Museum of local lore and the Drama Theatre at the intersection of Sovetskiy Avenue and Vesennyaya Street. Also not far from the Museum is located Musical Theatre of Kuzbass.

Kemerovo Regional Fine Arts Museum occupies a three-story building, built in the 40s in the Stalin's empire style. Currently Kemerovo Museum of Fine Arts is one of the largest in Siberia. Here are regularly held various exhibitions and are exhibited art objects of both local and foreign artists. The museum collection consists of more than six thousand works of painting, drawing, sculpture and decorative arts. For sure visit to the museum will be interesting for you and will enrich the new knowledge and impressions. The museum has a gift shop where you can buy souvenirs and publications.

AThe museum is open daily from 10:00 to 18:00 except Monday.

Getting here

The museum is located in the city center, and get to it is not difficult. Bus Stop "Drama Theatre".
48 Sovetsky Avenue, Kemerovo,
Phone: (3842) 36-64-78, 36-45-32


Kemerovo regional drama theatre

The theater can be safely attributed to one of the attractions of Kemerovo. The building itself is a jewel of the city center: massive columns, stucco, fountain in front of the theatre. This is one of the favorite places of rest of the locals; to make a photo near fountain is considered a must for tourists. Here is often crowded: weddings come on Saturdays, are held flash mobs.

If to speak directly about Kemerovo Regional Drama Theater, as a stage, its troupe is very popular among not only the residents of the city and the regulars, but also far beyond the region. The repertoire of the Drama Theatre has as classics and the works of contemporary authors.

If you come in Kemerovo and you have a free evening, you could visit one of the theater's dramas, we're sure that staging and the acting will not disappoint you and you will get a real pleasure. Plenty titled and famous actors all over the country are playing in the troupe, a lot of very talented young actors.

Getting here

The theater is located in the heart of the city at the intersection of Soviet avenue and Vesennyaya Street (Spring Street). Stop of public transportation is called - "Drama".
11 Vesennyaya Street (Spring Street), Kemerovo
Phone: (3842) 36-53-75


Holy Trinity Church

Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity is one of the largest Christian buildings in Kemerovo. Beautiful elegant white building, built in the classical Russian style, is located on the avenue of Chemists, near its intersection with the Leningrad Avenue. Just behind the church spreads "Kuzbass" park. Initially, the services at this place were in the utility room, when parish was only opened, and the church was not yet. Its construction and finishing work continued, since 1996 and up until 2005, when it was installed the last one, the seventh dome with a cross.

Currently, the church of the Holy Trinity is one of the most beautiful temples in the city. The church has two floors: on the first floor divine service are held, on the second floor administrative offices are located. The architectural solution is symbolic: the church has three equivalent domes and three arches above the entrance. The temple was built on the donations of parishioners and the various organizations of the city.

Divine services are conducted every day except Monday. Holding capacity of the temple exceeds 900 people. The church has a library and a Sunday school.

Getting here

32 Chemists Avenue, Kemerovo
Public transportation stop "Promenade 2"
Phone: (3842) 53-87-44

The Sovetov square

The Sovetov square

Square of Soviets (The Sovetov square) is the main square of Kemerovo. This place can be called the heart of the city. Here is not just concentrated all the main administrative structures, but also here are held mass celebrations on holidays and trade fairs, people are happy to have rest here; here is simply comfortable and convenient. But the area has not always been so. Previously, here were the usual wooden village houses. In its present form Square was emerged in the 50s of the last century. Then there were built buildings of Regional Communist Party Committee (now the administration of the Kemerovo region), Executive Committee (Kemerovo administration) and others. For many years of Soviet period the Square of Soviets was a strongly official. Nothing superfluous, everything is very strict and serious. And only in the 2000s the authorities took a fair and correct decision to make the area more democratic and informal. Today The Sovetov square is one of the favorite holiday destinations of locals and tourists.

Square of Soviets is framed by two beautiful buildings of the Post Office and the current city administration from the side of junction of the Soviet Avenue to it. Post Office building was built in 1954 by the project of the architect of Kemerovo, and is an architectural monument. At the main post office are installed chimes that beat off every hour a musical phrase from the song "Nightingale Dawns floats Over Tom River..." (Lyricist: V.V. Makhalov). The city administration building was built in the same years, and the project of the same architect L.K. Moiseenko. Originally it was built as the NKVD management. Accordingly, a building of the Administration of the Kemerovo region located in front of it (the former building of the Regional Committee of the Communist Party), and it was also built by Moiseenko project in the mid 50s. Before the building was installed a monument to Vladimir Lenin in 1970. Lenin looks at the Square of Soviets. By Will of the Fate the leader of the world proletariat dressed by sculptor in a woman's coat, adjoin with the double-headed eagle. Before the monument to Lenin is planted a huge flower bed, in which annually are planted thousands of flowers, and the Square of Soviets becomes a truly colorful and festive view. Around the flower bed are installed with comfortable benches, which are now commonly called park sofas. Also recently in the Kemerovo has began a trend to make such parks sofas a nominative. Nameplates with names of figures who participated in the creation of this recreation zone are fixing on them. Among all park sofas there is a one park sofa that especially allocated by large initials "A.T" (Aman Tuleyev, the governor of the Kemerovo region).

Along its long sides the Square of Soviets is framed by the administrative buildings, in which are situated the structural divisions of administration of the Kemerovo region, reception rooms of high-ranking officials, the Regional Council of People's Deputies, the regional organization of trade unions and the mass of other departments. One part of the Square is a roadway. However, traffic overlaps on major holidays, because are held mass demonstrations, parades in the square, and first persons of the region could be seen on the podium. On the opposite side of the Square of the Soviets is placed a sitting area for children. Also in this part of the square often hosts traditional agricultural fairs, where farmers can submit their products to citizens. Near the main post office building stands a sign "Kilometer Zero". Near this sign like to be photographed for the memory as locals and guests of the city. All distances are measured in the region from this point, as well as indicate the number of kilometers to some cities in Siberia.

In winter the Square of the Soviets turns into great place for townspeople for all New Year holidays, and not only. Here are built snow and ice sculptures, slides with festive lighting, installed the main Christmas tree of the city and poured with ice a rink with hockey box.

A five-minute walk from the Square of the Soviets located are Musical Theatre of Kuzbass, Theatre of Drama, Theater for Children and Youth, Regional Philharmonic Society, History Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Pritomskaya Quay, Vesennyaya Street (Spring Street), Park of the Victory, buildings of the Kemerovo State University, lots of entertainment, restaurants and cafes where you can relax and spend time.

Soviet monuments

Soviet monuments

Apart from the famous statue of Lenin, located on the Square of the Soviets, the city of Kemerovo is decorated with a large number of other monuments of the Soviet era, preserved even in the period of denial of Soviet values at the beginning of the 90s of XX century.

Monument to Mikhailo Volkov. Fizzledowser Michael Volkov is a pioneer of coal deposits in these lands. It happened at the beginning of the XVIII century, when he was in the expedition and was searching for minerals in these lands. According to legend, he was sailing on the river Tom and saw the burning rocks on the shore after a lightning strike. Volkov was Intrigued and moored to the shore where he found outcrops of coal seams. This place is called "Gorelaya Mountain" (there is now located museum "Red Hill"). After that has began an active exploration and studying of the area, which led to the development of the territory as coal basin. Monument to Mikhailo Volkov located on the same name square at the end of Spring Street, where it comes close to Dzerzhinsky Street.

Monument to Alexander Pushkin. It turns that monument to the poet in Kemerovo is the only one behind the Urals. The monument is characterized in that the figure of the poet has been created in its natural growth and that's why on a pedestal he looks a pretty small. It happened so because the original monument was made to be placed in the foyer of the Maly Theatre in Moscow. But then decided that bronze statue is too expensive to be installed in the theater, and was produced a gypseous for installing there. And the original version was passed in Kemerovo. Near the monument installed benches; further from the monument in the side of the Square of the Soviets goes alley Ordzhonikidze Street. Monument to the Great Russian poet was set on the eponymous square in the city center.

Monument of Kuzbass-Hungarian friendship. The monument is now sometimes referred to as a sculpture "Friendship of Peoples." However, observant people could notice that there are images of two women on the sculpture: one in Russian folk garb and one in Hungarian garb. In addition, there is a picture of the miner and the inscription "Kemerovo Shalgotaryan" on the reverse side. Shalgotaryan is a city in Hungary, the center of an area called Nograd, which is a mining district of the Republic of Hungary, a kind of analogue of Kuzbass. A monument installed on the Spring Street near its intersection with the street Nogradskaya (behind the Drama Theatre).

Monument "Komsomolskaya song." In the Soviet era park where a monument was installed, called Komsomolsky. To Introduced in the mid-80s of the last century monument in the park was given the name "Komsomolskaya song". The monument was supposed to chant the enthusiasm of the Komsomol, on which many great construction projects of the twentieth century were held in the Soviet Union. Russian people have a proverb that "the song helps to build and live", so the name of monument is "Komsomolskaya song." However, in the post-Soviet period, when itself Komsomol song lost its topicality, nevertheless the monument did not remove and gave him a more universal name: Young Patriots of Russia.

Monument to the Tom River on the Pritomsky embankment. Everyone in the city is knows the monument on the Embankment in the form of a young woman, half-sitting or reclining on a rock, and spread her hands in different directions. However, the monument has no signs, and few of the townspeople, even those living in Kemerovo for many years, know that it is nothing like a monument to the river. And exactly to that river which flows down under the cliff - a monument to the Tom River. Unfortunately, information about the author of the monument and the timing of its appearance is absent.

"Cranes" and "Two in the space." These two monuments of a few of those which are not ideological and their value are aesthetics primarily. Monument "Cranes" is set in 1983 in a park near the circus. The sculptural composition "Two in Space" was set in a park near the Philharmonic in 1985, and has long been a mystery to locals. It was not clear for what it was installed. Accustomed to the fact that each monument or a sculpture must have clearly readable meaning, city inhabitants could not grasp what these two monuments are symbolise. Birds and turned away from each other man and woman with a violin in her hands are caused a confusion among Soviet citizens. In addition, the monument "Two in space" did not even had a name. People began to call him "Quarreled." Later it became known that the sculpture is called "Two in the space."

Monument "In Memory of Kuzbass miners." This monument is one of the most famous and important in the city. It is a member of exposures of the Red Hill Museum. Firstly, this is due to the theme of the monument, and secondly, its author is a famous sculptor Ernst Unknown. A monument on this place was designed in the Soviet era, but ideas were only able to be realized in the XXI century. The monument was set in 2003 at Red Hill, from which opens a one of the most beautiful views in the city. Next to the monument was equipped an observation deck, it is one of the most favorite places of visitors to the city and its citizens.

Red hill Museum-reserve

Red hill Museum-reserve

Red Hill Museum Reserve was founded in 1991 on the territory of the former coal mine, as a specialized museum the history of the Kuzbass coal. In fact, the museum consists of museum directly as the room in which are expositions, and parts of the city territory, where are situated historical and architectural objects of historical and educational value.

The exhibits of the Red Hill Museum tell about the development of the coal industry of the Kemerovo region. Are mounted excavator, "BelAZ", drilling rig and so on. The Mine exposition is working in the basement of the museum, it showing how primitive and hard was coal miners' labor in the early twentieth century. Are reproduced old rock faces with miners working in them. There are other expositions telling about the discovery and development of the coal industry in Siberia.

On the museum territory are installed sculpture compositions "Konogon", "Saint Barbara - patroness of miners." A monument "In Memory of Kuzbass miners"of Ernst Unknown is also applies to the territory of the museum and several other objects (buildings) located nearby. Along with excursions in the museum, conducted tours on the Red Hill territory (as the area of the city) with showing of historical and architectural monuments.

The place of exile of the Decembrists

The place of exile of the Decembrists

In the old town of Mariinsk of Kemerovo region located a memorial dedicated to the victims Siblag (Siberian forced labor camp 1923-1960). City Mariinsk in the XIX century became a place of exile of Decembrists and freethinkers. And in Soviet times through it has passed more than one hundred thousand political prisoners who were considered enemies of the people. Among them were doctors, famous scientists, artists, actors, writers. Near the town of Mariinsk was also firing underground prison where were contained priests and military leaders. It is still unknown the exact number of people killed in this prison (according to unofficial data - over 40 thousand People). Given all these tragic milestones, the city and the region in cooperation with the Orthodox Church decided to build a chapel on the territory of Mariinsk (Chapel of Anastasia of Sirmium - patroness of prisoners who was wrongfully convicted), namely on the road, by which once the prisoners walked in the camps. The memorial to the victims of Siblag was built next to it; it includes: prison barracks; narrow-gauge railway; Hill of the memory and firing wall with silhouettes of people and bullet holes. Near the chapel grows pine and Siberian pine forest.

Besides that, the city of Mariinsk interesting and by its other attractions. In Mariinsk located a museum "Birchbark of Siberia." In the old merchant building of the museum are presented products of arts and crafts made of birch bark: tuesa (tues it is a small birch bark box with a lid. Classic tues has cylindrical form), boxes, shoes, dolls, made by masters of the Kemerovo region. Also interesting museums are the Museum of local lore of the city of Mariinsk and a unique Museum of Bread.

In the Mariinsk you also could visit the monument to Empress Maria Alexandrovna, the grandmother of the last Russian tsar.


Kuznetsk Alatau

Kuznetsk Alatau Ridge occupies about a third of the Kemerovo region. It is a medium-altitude mountains, dissected by deep river valleys. In the southern part of the Kuznetsk Alatau observes the greatest division in the area of ranges, which are at the headwaters of the rivers Usa, Middle and Upper Tersey, White and Black Iyus. To the east Reserve is limited by Minusinskaya Basin, and to the west by the Kuznetsk Basin. In the north of Kuznetsk Alatau has no clear border; in the south it abuts to the Abakan Ridge of West Sayan. The length of its territory is 300 kilometers from north to south, width is up to 150 kilometers, the highest point is the Old Fortress plateau: 2 211 meters above sea level.

Given that the nature of these places is unique, in 1989 in the south of the rock mass was opened the Kuznetsk Alatau Reserve with an area of 412,900 hectares. Kuznetsk Alatau it is a large state nature Reserve, in which is stored and studied flora and fauna of the Kemerovo region. The reserve is home to over 273 species of birds, including the black stork, osprey, golden eagle and peregrine falcon. A large number of rivers and lakes of the reserve is home to more than 13 species of fish. In these parts are grows 943 species of grasses, shrubs and trees. A significant part of the Reserve is covered with taiga mountain forests of spruce, fir and Siberian pine, on the eastern slopes gives way to larch and pine thickets. The vegetation cover is represented by all kinds of high-altitude zones: alpine tundra, alpine meadows, and black taiga, steppe and forest steppe zones. In the Reserve there are many rare plants. In Kuznetsk Alatau is 4 Areas of glaciers.

Through the territory of Alatau passes a railway line Novokuznetsk-Abakan.


Lake Big Berchikul

Big Berchikul is the largest body of water in Kuzbass is situated on the north-eastern area of the Kemerovo region, in Kuznetsk Alatau Mountains, in 3 kilometers away from the village Tisul. Aboriginals are called lake Berchikul, which is translated from the Kets means "strong" or Wolf Lake. The length of the body of water is eight kilometers and the width - four. Berchikul is unique due to the diversity of natural conditions on the coast: 4 landscapes appear before the eyes: lakes and rivers, forest-steppe, mountain light-coniferous and mountain taiga.

Lake almost not has surface tributaries, and in the hot summer all 32 square kilometers of water area considerably become shallow. But the lake is not suffering from a lack of moisture: mountain streams of black taiga together with underground springs are helps him. Berchikul is a truly mountain lake nourished by mountains. The landscape of the southern shore is interesting, three kilometers from the coast is completely sandy lowland, partly marshy, once it was the lake bottom. South-east coast is significantly lowered and spreads out with minimum fluctuation of lake water, forming a "swamp". From this starts the only small river flowing out of the lake. Apparently, the body of water was once much larger, maybe even in three times. And this ancestor of modern Berchikul broke through the mountain range to the south-east side and poured into the Uryup river valley. The result became the rest of the water basin and lowland from the south bank with ancient terrace. The highest point of Berchikul is the Dunkin navel Mount.

Coast of Berchikul is very beautiful, and a lot of visitors rush hither. This body of water is interesting for fishers, because the lake is full of bream, carp, white carp, pike, perch, ide, tench and other fish species.

Tourists can choose a horse or hiking routes to explore the Berchikul surroundings. Guests of lake stop in tents or in hotel of the former fisheries.

The Lake is famous by its curative mud, which is distinguished from similar by high concentration of micro and macro elements (magnesium, copper, iron, sodium, sulfur, phosphorus, copper, zinc, cobalt, manganese), along with a high content of protein, B vitamins, amino acids. These muds are used in the treatment.

On the shore of the lake in 1972 was discovered a burial mound complex. The design is a ossuary, the walls and bottom of which are composed of clay, and the overlap is represented by two perpendicular rows of logs that go beyond the edge of the grave deepening. Scientists have found here the remains of 44 people, pottery, bronze objects and bone artifacts. Finds are dated IV-I centuries BC. Items that found by archaeologists were donated to the museum of the Kemerovo State University.


Kuznetsk fortress

Kuznetsk fortress it is one of the oldest historical and architectural monuments of the city of Novokuznetsk of Kemerovo region. It was built in 1820 on the Ascension Mount by decree of Emperor Paul I. Kuznetsk fortress is a wonderful place, because it offers a fantastic panoramic view of the ancient Siberian city. Today here are conducted city celebrations and events.

Fortress, enclosed by massive stone walls, had a plan of rectangle of area of about 20 hectares. In the interval between half-bastions was passage observation tower. Inside were housed barracks, warehouses and outbuildings.

Since the moment of its construction the fortress never participated in hostilities. In 1846 it lost its defensive functions and has long been used as a prison and a three-storey tower was transformed into the Gate Church of Elijah the Prophet. During the Civil War prison buildings have become unfit.

In 1991, on the fortress territory was opened a museum, which tells the history of the region. In 1998 was carried out large-scale reconstruction of the complex.

Getting here

1 Fortress Passage city of Novokuznetsk Kemerovo region
Phone: (3843) 36-01-00
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Tomsk Pisanitsa

Tomsk Pisanitsa it is a special museum in the Kuzbass. It is located about 60 km from the city of Kemerovo in a pine forest on the banks of the Tom River in the open air. It all began with the discovery of ancient drawings or letters on the coastal cliffs. Hence the name - pisanitsa, which gave the name for cliffs - the Scripture Rocks, and for the nearby settlement - the Scripture village. The drawings were discovered in XVI-XVII centuries, but had not any significance for a long time other than the narrow interest of specialists and researchers. Only in the 70-80-ies of the last century, began work on the restoration and preservation of rock paintings. For Rocks was granted Reserve status, and, in fact, the creation of open-air museum was began around them. There was built a staircase, which is a descent to a rock; and was started educational activity among the population. With the years (especially in the last 20 years) were created expositions telling about the mythology of the peoples living in Siberia, and in particular, in Kuzbass, architectural and ethnographic complexes, a small zoo and other attractions. It should be noted that the rock drawings are not open to the public year-round, but only in the warm season. Many citizens are moving to the Tomsk pisanitsa just for walk in the fresh air in a pine forest on weekends.

In recent years, the territory of the museum became the venue for all kinds of events, and public festivals during the holidays such as Maslenitsa (Mardi Gras), New Year, Ivan Kupala. Different rides are operates there and horse trails are laid. Tourists have the opportunity to ride on a boat, play paintball and enjoy a workout by other outdoor activities. The museum partly functions as the park of recreation and entertainment, and it turns out that the visit to the museum is to combine business with pleasure. Clean air, good ecology, entertainments on the one hand, and museum exhibitions from the other: all this harmony is the basis of a country holiday.

If you have an opportunity, be sure to visit "Tomsk pisanitsa" and you get a lot of new knowledge, emotions and impressions. The museum is open daily from 10:00 to 19:00, ticket sale ends a half hour before closing time.

Getting here

The Pisanaya village, Yashkinsky district, Kemerovo region
How to get to Tomsk pisanitsa:
By car: you need to get to the Kirov district of the city of Kemerovo, move on the Initsiativnaya Street, further to the intersection with Highway Egorova, there turn left on the highway to leave the city in the direction of the village Yashkino. Further along the main road out of town without turning off from the highway about 60 km.
Daily Up to Tomsk Petroglyphs possible to reach from the bus station by the Intercity bus that goes to Yashkino, Pachand Taiga to the bus stop "Museum" Tomsk pisanitsa". Buses run every half hour, but the schedule is better to clarify in the information desk on the bus station.
Phone: (3842) 75-10-90


Shor National Park

Shorian National Park, located in Tashtagol district of the Kemerovo region, was created in 1989 to protect the sites and ecosystems of Mountain Shoria, namely cedar forests and black taiga. Along with this purpose, the creators also wanted to preserve the cultural heritage of mountain Shorians - a small indigenous nationality. In the park they are allowed to engage in traditional activities such as hunting, farming, harvesting wild edible plants, fishing and beekeeping. The relief of the park is complex: mountainous and rather indented by river valleys. Streams and rivers are divide land of park, the main of which is Mras-su River, which crossing the main park array from the north towards the south and divides the park into two approximately equal areas.

There are more than 70 natural attractions around the Park. This as plants are which identified in the Red Book, it are the natural communities of unique character, cave systems, cliffs, waterfalls and more. The main treasure is considered the mountain Kul-taiga with its mountain reservoir located on the top of the hill, the valley of the river Mras and its cave cavity, cascading streams "Marble Cliffs" Khomutov rapids, mountain Patyn, "Spassky palaces" and Sheregesh. There are 25 monuments of natural character located in the park, 6 of which are the most popular among tourist: a waterfall "Saga," the cave "Hope", geological monuments "Monument to the soldier," Vaucluse "Kabuksky" and rock 'Drinker Elephant", coupled with "Kizassky caves".

At a distance of hundreds of kilometers from Tashtagol within the a spacious valley of mouth of Anzas, which is the right tributary of the Mras River, near the rocks of upland Aigan is lurking an ancient Ulus of Shoria: Ust-Anzas, in the "heart"of which is organized the Ecological Museum "Tazgol". The exposition area amounts 5 acres, on which were placed 4 sectors: Missionary mill and the estate of pashtyk; Manor of carpenter Ivanov on the Kaychak hillside; Kernel production mill, near which situated recreated settlement of the Middle Ages with ancient blacksmiths and metallurgists-foundry along with the reconstruction of the tomb of the Kyrgyz warrior and also occult altar "taelga"; recreated gold mine with a functioning dam, flushing ditches and exhibition in the barracks of prospectors.

Shorian National Park is a great place for tourism and outdoor recreation; in summer you can raft on the river or take a horse ride on the environmental or sports routes (mountain climbing, the descent into the cave cavity). Two waterways along the river Mras-su are realized today. The mountainous terrain and the air rich of phytoncides thanks to conifers have a beneficial effect on the body, improve immunity. In winter, tourists are mastering skiing routes. The Center of ski resort is based on mountain Pouce-Tag.

Getting here

Shor National Park is located in the south of the Kemerovo region, in Mountain Shoria. It occupies the south-eastern part of the district Tashtagolsky. It removed from Kemerovo for 320 kilometers towards the south-east; from Novokuznetsk - for 120 kilometers.
The administration of the park is located in the town of Tashtagol of the Kemerovo region.
Address: 8a Sadovaya str. Tashtagol
Phone: (38473) 333-38
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Tolmachevo Airport

Kemerovo Airport

Kemerovo airport named after A. A. Leonov is the main airport of Kemerovo region, that connects the area to the largest cities of the country.

The airport complex consists of two terminals: domestic and international. The international terminal has a VIP lounge with a comfortable recreation room with sofas, Internet and TV, bar with a variety of liquors, a display panel with flight details, negotiation room, counters for an individual check-in and preflight control.

In the domestic terminal, there are regular waiting areas, where every traveler can relax in the comfortable chairs, visit a cafe, buy a newspaper, check the luggage in the storage area, charge a mobile device, go to a shower or a toilet. Besides that, the domestic terminal has a baby care room (only for passengers with children up to 7 years old or women in the second half of their pregnancy). The baby care room offers the following services free of charge: a bathroom, a small library, changing areas, recreation areas for children and parents, a small dining room (with cooking facilities), medical service.

When planning the departure from Kemerovo, it should be remembered that the airport is in the city (its north-east) and there are no bypass roads. So you will need to leave your hotel beforehand, as the city traffic is very busy (and the check-in begins 2 hours prior the departure).

  • Comfortable
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Business lounge
  • CIP hall

From 6 am To 6 am
24/7 service


Address: 1 Airport, Kemerovo, Kemerovo region
GPS: 55.281759, 86.117150
Phone: +7 (384) 239-00-90
Phone: +7 (384) 239-02-14



Travelling by train, you can get to such cities as Krasnoyarsk, Abakan, Tomsk, Kemerovo, Omsk, Tobolsk, Tumen, Barnaul, Irkutsk, Chita, Ulan-Ude and other. The Siberian rail system is also a part of the Transsiberian Railway. Taking the Transsib is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Russia and Siberia. Imagine travelling for a week, still being in the same country and seeing it all from the window of your train (still, we recommend to make some stops and spend a couple of days in some major cities along the way or see the wonderful nature of Siberia in Altai mountains or at Baikal lake).

Trains in Russia are divided into 5 categories depending on their comfort and fares: (1) the cheapest and the least comfortable are the seating carriages (they are mostly used for the interregional connections); (2) economy class (‘platskart’)is the most wide-spread category (and the cheapest among sleeping car options), although not very comfortable, as each block consists of 6 berths; (3) compartment cars are very comfortable sleeping cars with 4 berths per closed block; (4) premium is a very comfortable type of car, equipped with working areas, showers, etc.; (5) first-class sleeping cars are the most comfortable and the most expensive category with maximum of 2 berths per compartment. In every car, there is a steward, who at any time of the day is ready to offer a hot tea or coffee, snacks, newspapers, and board games. These can be included in your ticket price, or the extra payment may be required. Each train has a restaurant car that works 24 hours a day. You can also buy some food and drinks in the station shops in the large cities.

Train tickets can be bought at any railway station. Tickets for most routes can also be bought electronically on the web-site. At the boarding, you will only need to show your passport to the steward.

It is good to remember that in Russia, a train ride is a good reason for a new acquaintance and an interesting conversation; you should also be ready to be treated to a meal by your companions.

Local railways

Local railways

The Local railways can take you to any place within Novosibirsk region and also to Barnaul, Tomsk and Kemerovo. For more information please check the map above or contact us.

Tickets for the local trains can be purchased at the special counters in the train station buildings. You will need to pay extra attention to check if the train actually stops at the desired destination point.

A regular ticket entitles you to travel on any local (electric) train current direction except the high-speed (express). To ride the express train, you will need to buy a special ticket.

The ticket shall be kept until the end of the journey. It can be checked by inspectors along the way, and you will also need it to exit the station at the destination point.


Bus Terminal

Buses in Siberia are a convenient way of transportation within the region or to the adjacent regions.

Bus tickets can be purchased at the bus station or in the special booking-offices. You can also buy an e-ticket on the website. To buy an intraregional ticket, there are no special requirements. If you buy a ticket to travel outside of the region, you will need to show your passport at the bus station counter; you may also be required to show it while boarding the bus.

While traveling in the winter, you will need to remember that due to the bad weather conditions the bus can be delayed or even canceled. Also, most buses don’t have a toilet, which also should be considered before going on a long journey, if you want it to be not painful but pleasant. Remember that the distances in Siberia are quite long.

There are also international routes from Kemerovo to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

  • Easy transport access

From 5 am To 11 pm


Address: 81 Kuznetskiy Avenue, Kemerovo
GPS: 55.341660, 86.061090
Phone: +7 (3842) 28-24-10
Phone: +7 (3842) 28-24-38

City bus

City bus

Regular shuttle transportation.

Buses run along the special routes and are marked with corresponding numbers. But for the passengers’ convenience, on each bus, there's also a list of the key stops on the route, for an easier navigation.

The fare is paid directly in the bus to the conductor and only in cash.

In Russia, it is believed that if the sum of the first three digits of the ticket number is equal to the sum of the last three digits, then you need to chew and eat the ticket, which is supposed to bring luck to you. We can only recommend that before eating the lucky ticket, you make sure that your insurance covers the risks of such undertakings.:)


Minibus (marshrutka)

Regular shuttle transportation. 

Minibusses run along the special routes and are marked with corresponding numbers. But for the passengers’ convenience, on each bus, there's also a list of the key stops on the route, for an easier navigation.

The fare is paid when entering the minibus, directly to the driver, and only in cash. The fare depends on the length of the journey; the details are always displayed in the cabin.

It is very common that the passenger closest to the driver is asked by the others to pass the money on to the driver. So, if you sit in that place, it would really help if you’re able to count quickly (and are quite familiar with the local money to pass the change back to everyone). Minibusses stop on demand, so in order not to pass your stop, you should exactly know its name and ask the driver to stop, loudly and in advance.

On the street, you can stop the minibus by raising a hand, just like a taxi, but only at the stopping sites.



Regular shuttle transportation. 

Trolleybuses run along the special routes and are marked with corresponding numbers. But for the passengers’ convenience, on each bus, there's also a list of the key stops on the route, for an easier navigation.

The fare is paid directly in the trolleybus to the conductor and only in cash.

In Russia, it is believed that if the sum of the first three digits of the ticket number is equal to the sum of the last three digits, then you need to chew and eat the ticket, which is supposed to bring luck to you. We can only recommend that before eating the lucky ticket, you make sure that your insurance covers the risks of such undertakings.:)



Regular shuttle transportation. 

Trams run along the special routes and are marked with corresponding numbers. But for the passengers’ convenience, on each bus, there's also a list of the key stops on the route, for an easier navigation.

The fare is paid directly in the tram to the conductor and only in cash.

In Russia, it is believed that if the sum of the first three digits of the ticket number is equal to the sum of the last three digits, then you need to chew and eat the ticket, which is supposed to bring luck to you. We can only recommend that before eating the lucky ticket, you make sure that your insurance covers the risks of such undertakings.:)

  • Easy transport access

From 6 am To 11 pm


Phone: +7 (383) 347-00-47
E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



You can use the taxi to move around the city or region. You can order a cab by calling a special service or you may just stick your hand out and stop the taxi when you see it. We don’t recommend using any kinds of an illegal taxi (a regular car with no signs of a taxi service on it).

Don’t be surprised if a car stops, that is not marked as a taxi – anyone can give you a ride. But it is important to agree on the cost of the trip before getting into the car. Sometimes you can even get it for free.

The cost of a trip from the airport to the city center or vice versa should not exceed 1000 rubles. It is paid mostly in cash (some taxi companies also accept major credit cards, but you better check it before the ride).


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Night life

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  • Rassolnik
    3 July street, building 3, Kvartal 130 | +7(3952) 68-68-78

    Antiglamur Crazy Club
    Serebrennikovskaya street, 19/1 | +7 (383) 2-143-142

    Blue Hoarfrost
    Sovetskaya street, 18 | +7 (383) 287-78-42

    Guevara Club
    Serebrennikovskaya street, 29 | +7 (383) 291-96-90

    BUNKER Club
    Musa Jalil street, 11 - ground floor | +7 (383) 213-00-14

    Sleepless FRANKIE
    Yadrintsevskaya street, 14 | +7 (383) 214-65-68

    Black Milk Cocktail bar
    Yadrintsevskaya street, 21 | +7 (383) 214-65-68

    Pravda Club
    Karl Marx Avenue, 47/2 | +7 (383) 213-13-22

    Posh Restoclub
    Lenin street, 1 - ground floor | +7 (383) 377-77-70

    Maximilian`s Bavarian beer club
    Dusi Kovalchuk street, 1/1 | +7 (383) 285-88-84

    Clouds Night Club
    Galushka street, 1A | +7 (383) 292-60-62

    Tancuki Club
    Zhukovskogo street, 102 | +7 (383) 228-00-28

  • Friends Bar
    Red Avenue, 22 - 2nd floor | +7 (383) 209-20-61

    John Gregor Old Pub
    Lenin street, 8 - ground floor | +7 (383) 310-82-32

    <" target="_blank">Rock City Bar
    Red Avenue, 37 | +7 (383) 227-01-08

    LPSBR Bar
    Lenin street, 6 building 1 | +7 (383) 213-69-94

    Ruby Wine Bar
    Lenin street, 9 | +7 (383) 209-13-26

    ShashlikoFF Grill Bars
    Red Avenue, 17 | +7 (383) 251-01-05 | and others

    Franklin & Finch Bar
    Red Avenue, 17/1 - 6 floor | +7 (383) 310-00-68

    Clever Irish Pub
    Sovetskaya street, 5 | +7 (383) 289-28-98 | and others

    CRAFT beer & kitchen Bar
    Red Avenue, 37 - 1 floor | +7 (383) 222-62-06

    Narodnaya street, 1 | +7 (383) 276-00-66 | and others

    Harat's Pub
    Sovetskaya street, 18 - ground floor | +7 (383) 292-36-65

    Lenin street, 20 | +7 (383) 218-09-39

  • Rassolnik
    Siberian | European
    3 July street, building 3, Kvartal 130 | +7(3952) 68-68-78

    Beerman Beer Restaurant
    Kamenskaya street, 7 | +7 (383) 362-12-62 | and others

    Balkan Grill Restaurant
    Frunze street, 3 | +7 (383) 217-22-85

    Geese Brewery Restaurant
    Nikolaev street, 12/2 | +7 (383) 310-16-03

    Skuratov Coffee
    Coffee | Fast Food
    4B Lermontov street | +7(962)058-53-85 | and others

    Once in America
    Frunze street, 14 | +7 (383) 224-48-00

    Red House
    Red Avenue, 22 | +7 (383) 325-25-15

    Lenin street, 11 | +7 (383) 218-78-24

    Da Tan Shi Dya
    Musa Jalil street, 11 | +7 (383) 330-51-08

    Puppen Haus Deli Theatre
    Chaplygin street, 65/1 | +7 (383) 251-03-03

    T.B.K. Lounge
    Zolotodolinskaya street, 11 | +7 (383) 330-37-56

    Red Avenue, 37 | +7 (383) 227-08-05


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ATV tours

ATV tours

ATV is a unique vehicle, specially designed for the off-road driving. There is nothing more exciting than traveling with friends by ATV through the rugged areas of the wild, primitive Siberian nature.

Driving the ATV Riding ATV does not represent any special difficulty, even for a beginner. One or two hours spent behind its wheel are enough to feel confident. Bright emotions, thrill, and an indescribable excitement before the start of a trip are guaranteed!

Active rest
Extreme | Outdoor activity | Tours | Equipment rental
Vatutin street, 61 | +7(383)249-44-74 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pine forest
Equipment rental | Outdoor activity
49 Yuchitelskaya street | +7(953)808-04-00

Altai Touristic
Extreme | Outdoor activity | Tours
Boris Bogatkov street, 67 office 58 | +7(383)380-02-03 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tomahawk Club
Extreme | Outdoor activity
1 Motorist street, Marusino village | +7(383)263-01-02

Snowmobile tours

Snowmobile tours

A snowmobile is a driven vehicle designed to travel on snow. No matter what the Canadians say, but the first snowmobiles drove across the expanses of Russia, on the banks of the Neva River at the beginning of the last century. This fact is recorded in the documents as the tests of "Russo-Balt". Naturally, the first snowmobile developed a speed of only 40 kilometers per hour and it looked very much different as compared to the modern snowmobiles.

Snowmobiles have long been an integral part of winter recreation in Siberia, whether snow safaris, ice fishing, or just a ride between the mountain slopes. Snowmobiling gives a lot of impressions both to the seasoned drivers, and to those who is behind the wheel for the first time. Snowmobiling is a fun and a rush of adrenaline brought up by the speed, freedom of movement, the ability to see the pristine beauty of wild Siberian land, and to look into the hidden corners of the taiga.

Today, snowmobiling tours are among the most interesting components of active recreation in Siberia. Test the new machines, explore new routes, conquer new heights - savor the taste of freedom that’s brought to you by this winter miracle of technology!

Equipment rental | Sports tourism
+7(913)925-41-24 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Equipment rental | Sports tourism
9/1, Green Island, Berdsk | +7(913)006-85-37

Fishing trips
Equipment rental | Sports tourism
+7(923)144-76-29 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hunting grounds
Equipment rental | Outdoor activity | Sports tourism
Getting here

Lighthouse Yacht Club
Equipment rental | Sports tourism
1/1 Plotinnaya street | +7(383)287-03-27

Ski trips

Ski trips

Participants of the ski trips and photographers that make amazing shots of winter scenery somewhere in the mountains or wild forests are not mythical characters, who love the crazy adventures. Everyone can see the beauty of winter nature and, moreover, there are special clubs for this, organizing these unforgettable tours. Winter trips are almost always about ski tourism, and you will not have to walk waist-deep in the snow and plow the snow drifts with your body. The only difficulty in the winter trip is the ability to ski. But at the same time, it does not require a lot of time to learn how to ski, a few hours or a total of one day will be enough, not only to learn how to slide but also not to fall when descending by the slope.

The landscapes, most fantastic in their beauty, when everything sparkles and shines, and the day is sunny and clear, usually happen at a temperature of -30 to -40 Celsius. But if you are dressed properly, the cold won’t scare you. And, considering the sunny weather, you can even forget about the cold at all.

However, you need to keep in mind that ski tourism is one of the most difficult sports. Low temperatures require you to make decisions quickly and accurately and to move actively along the route. Great attention is paid to the outfit: outer clothing, and especially ski because without it you will not be able to make a single step on a snow cover. But the most important thing is that ski trip is only possible if lead by a professional athlete; no other options, like instructor-guide, will be suitable here. Each route must be coordinated with EMERCOM at its start and finish, and all participants of the trip must be insured in case of emergencies.

Ski tourism is extremely good for your health. It is a true, pure and undiluted elixir of health. Active movements in winter conditions provide an excellent tonic effect because it activates the endocrine system and improves metabolic processes. In the cold, the defense mechanisms of the body start working, which increases immunity and resistance to colds and viruses. Furthermore, the cold air, as opposed to the hot one, is several times richer in negative ions, which are more biologically active. There are less dust and gas impurities - they are successfully absorbed by the snow. Add to this the healing phytoncides of conifers – and voila, your health cocktail is ready. Skiing provides an excellent exercise, develops flexibility and coordination. In just three hours of skiing, a person makes almost three thousand repetitions of abdominal exercises! Cardio develops endurance, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Your mind also unloads, exhausted by the everyday office life and multi-level tasks. You just go and admire the wonderful pictures of the sleeping winter nature. Eyes get free from the blur, and you start to notice the details - the traces of animals on the snow, the frost pattern on the branches. Depression, stress, melancholy, and a feeling of hopelessness all go away. You get a new taste for life!

Extreme | Sports tourism | Outdoor activity | Equipment rental

Extreme | Sports tourism | Outdoor activity

Extreme | Sports tourism | Outdoor activity
+7(903)934-27-96 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your way
Extreme | Sports tourism | Outdoor activity | Tours
+7(923)226-16-03 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Extreme | Sports tourism | Outdoor activity | Tours
220 Red Avenue office 252 | +7(383)286-18-27

Extreme | Sports tourism | Outdoor activity | Tours
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bicycle tours

Bicycle tours

Biking can be divided into two categories: amateur rides and pro biking tours. While the amateur ride is simple to just arrange with your friends in search of adventure, the professional bike tour is a serious route under the guidance of experienced instructors. Biking tours are the paid trips, i.e. trips, where you can buy a ticket to join. The bike tour routes are repeatedly explored and inspected by the guides of travel agencies, hotels are booked, first aid kit contains the necessary medications, and all the necessary wrenches are in the repair kit. Often there is also a support vehicle. You will only need to spin the pedals, see the sights and socialize with new people. In a word – have fun.

The 2 or 3 days long trips often gather up to 30 people. If you join such bicycle trip, you will meet the people you will love to talk to and to plough the wild Siberian nature together.

Marathon | Outdoor activity | Extreme | Sports tourism
+7(913)9258339 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Extreme | Sports tourism | Outdoor activity

Outdoor activity | Extreme | Sports tourism
101 Bolshevistskaya street office 216 | +7(383)292-88-86

Siberia Discovery Team
Extreme | Autotravel | Sports tourism
13a, Lenin Street, Berdsk, Novosibirsk region
+7(923)239-39-28 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rocks & Wheels
Extreme | Sports tourism | Tours
+7(913)244-26-72 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Skiing & snowboarding

Skiing & snowboarding

Someone is waiting for a summer to go to the sea, someone would rather take a trip in the desert, but there are people who are looking forward to the winter, preferring to rest at ski resorts. For the true fans of this type of relax, for those who love snowboarding and skiing, Siberia is one solid skiing area where you can enjoy your ski or a snowboard almost anywhere. In Siberia, there are trails of various difficulty levels, surrounded by beautiful nature and unique landscapes. The infrastructure is presented with excellent ski bases and resorts, whose recreation conditions and level of service are not inferior to many well-known European resorts.

Beginners, professional skiers and snowboarders, heli-ski fans, freestylers, back country skiers, freeriders – everyone will find perfect facilities in Siberia. They meet the highest international standards not only for snowboard and ski, but also for half-pipe, big cross-country, cross-board, slalom, biathlon. Siberian nature is striking for its beauty, it helps forget about the stress and problems, feel a surge of strength and get loaded with life energy, which is carried in a real winter recreation.

Novososedovo Ski resort
Extreme | Outdoor activity | Sports tourism | Equipment rental
48 Tatyana Snezhina street (office) | +7(913)465-24-62

Gorsky Snowboard Park
Extreme | Outdoor activity | Equipment rental
Getting here

Kolcovo Park
Extreme | Outdoor activity | Sports tourism | Equipment rental
Getting here

Ski Suit
Equipment rental
93 Gorskaya street - ground floor | +7(383)263-33-67

Rental center
Equipment rental
169 Nemirovich-Danchenko street | +7(913)380-39-00

Sport Service
Equipment rental
5 Koshurnikov street | +7(383)292-62-47



Siberia has always been famous for its hunting and fishing. It has everything you may need – thick taiga with bears, wild boars, deers, fur-bearing animals, and various birds; rivers full of all kinds of fish. Hunting enthusiasts can experience all the excitement and bring out the best properties of a trapper when hunting wild boar or elk, when at any moment they can get one on one with the beast. By the way elk, one of the largest animals found in the hunting grounds in Siberia, has an average of about 250 kg, although there are considerably larger specimens. Wild boar’s body may have a length of 2 meters, the height at withers of 1.5 meters, and body weight of 270 kg. One of the most popular kinds of hunting is fowling – shooting duck, woodcock, goose, partridge and other birds.

There are various ways of hunting, but of course, every hunter has his own way that brings him more luck. You will have the opportunity to learn a lot about hunting in Siberia, as well as personally plunge into the primeval impassable Siberian taiga.

Cities of Siberia host many exhibitions, forums and other sites where hunting, fishing and sports tourism professionals can meet. These are: The International Tourism Fair "Yenisei", exhibition "World of Sports. Hunting. Fishing”, All-Russian Fair "National Hunting and Fishing", "Tourism. Sport. Recreation" and "Hunting. Fishing".

Active Tourism Center
Extreme | Outdoor activity | Sports tourism | Equipment rental
13 Derzhavin street | +7(383)201-56-40

Yeti Tour
Extreme | Outdoor activity | Sports tourism | Equipment rental
28 Red Avenue office 508 | +7(383)286-50-16

Active rest
Extreme | Outdoor activity | Tours | Equipment rental
Vatutin street, 61 | +7(383)249-44-74 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Extreme | Outdoor activity | Tours | Equipment rental | Sports tourism
42 Novogodnaya street
+7(383)315-31-70 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pine forest Recreation center
Outdoor activity | Equipment rental | Sports tourism
Chernakovo, Ordynskiy district, Novosibirsk region

Russian bath

Russian bath

The story of the bath is very interesting, because the tradition of bath sweating has ancient roots and is still popular. In Russia, bath has always been highly respected and esteemed. There’s an idea that the Russian bath is the most ancient one. References to it can be found in the works of Slavic oral lore, as they were pagans, and attached great importance to the forces of fire and water. Many peoples of Siberia, the Urals and the Volga region had their steam houses. In our days, for example, you can find hunters’ houses in the forests which are built according to the steam houses principle.

It is worth noting that the Russian baths have always impressed foreign visitors. They never could understand why someone would pour kvass or ice water on himself, why people would beat each other with brooms, why someone would sponge himself down with snow. The invitation to the bath sweating was always like a voluntary torture to all visitors. However, after going to the real Russian bathhouse the guests felt fine; and the impressions were so strong that the rumors about the miraculous effect of the procedure quickly spread throughout the world.

Today, everyone knows Russian baths. They are popular in our country and abroad. And their beneficial properties and health-improving effects are recognized by the whole world. In fact, many health-improving properties largely depend on the correct broom steaming, so stop hesitating – it is time to go straight to the bath. See you there :)

Off Road Master
Extreme | Autotravel | Marathon | Sports tourism
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Ministry Of Ugly Rest 4х4
Extreme | Sports tourism
+7 (913) 375-04-19 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.